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Tony's XR GT

Many GT enthusiasts and modified car fans across Australia may recognise this 1967 XR GT Falcon.

Rebuilt from the ground up by Gary"Mr XR GT "Watson over 30 years ago with a high revving 289ci windsor that was often heard before it appeared. Apart from it's regular appearances at the Drags in S.A. Gary presented the XR at 8 Falcon GT nationals between 1995 and 2009 often with the screaming 289ci windsor a memory of everyone who attended the motor sport days.

Tony (a close friend of Gary) bought the XR from Gary's estate after he passed away in 2011 from a blood cancer disease.

Tony has maintained the XR as Gary had intended and taken it to Falcon GT nationals in 2017 & 2019. Just before passing away Gary had installed a new 347ci supercharged windsor and was in the process of fitting a Jerico 4spd gearbox. Tony completed the gearbox installation and couldn't wait to get the car back to the drags strip where it's run a best of 10.70.

Tony also owns a Lightening strike BA GT and previously another XR GT.

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