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Ron Tebby has owned his XY GT since new, here's his story.




It was during October 1970, as a 19 year old, while walking along Franklin Street in Adelaide S.A. towards Victoria Square with my father, on a Saturday afternoon, that I noticed a car in the showroom window of Davitt Ford, that took my breath away. On inquiry, I was informed that the car was a Falcon XYGT, later to be commonly known as the “Shaker”, and the duco was Vermilion Fire, a colour between red and orange.

In an instant I knew this was the car for me. I had left my father to continue walking towards the square, while I made some discrete inquiries. The salesman informed me of the following features associated with this vehicle, that I was still ogling over. Four door sedan, black interior with large vinyl bucket seats in the front, 140mph speedometer with 8000 rpm gauges, 300HP 351C Cleveland D block motor, top loader close ratio gearbox, 9 inch differential with 3.00 to 1 ratio, ideal for touring, additional driving lights, distinctive black striping and blackouts and a exterior appearance one could “kill” for.

For the next 23 years this was to be my every day drive car, going to work and driving around South Australia for pleasure on holidays with my family.

I had always admired and taken keen interest in other peoples cars that had been displayed at various car shows that I had attended with my friends. In 1993, I decided to take my pride and joy off the road, for a full ground up restoration, with the intention of having one of the best “Street Machines” in Australia and to be very competitive at any car shows that I would participate in.

I was very fortunate to have high quality restoration tradesmen that would complete the job to my expectations. The restoration would include: - 2Pak painted individual panels, body and chassis, blue printed and balanced motor, high volume oil pump, heavy duty alternator, brake master cylinder vacuum tank, Holley 780cfm carburettor, braided lines, factory sunroof, integrated factory air conditioning, 58mm custom built 316 marine stainless steel (mandrel bent) twin exhaust system to Ford spec; heavy duty stabilizer bars front and rear, toughened suspension, 12 bolt main balanced competition clutch, complete new interior using original fabric, upgraded engine bay components and undercarriage powder coating.

This project was to take five years in the making and finally in 1999, I entered my first car show at Tanunda and was awarded “Top Street Machine” Judges Choice.

During the next 10years, “My Shaker” excelled at many car shows around the country. My distinctive display and presentation has resulted in numerous accolades from many trades people and admirers alike including judges. As a result of all of the hard work and attention to detail, I have amassed 155 trophies to date, 95% being 1st place. All of the hard work had certainly paid off and the enjoyment of showing “My Shaker” never stops.

 Distinctive achievements include the following: -

2004 “Top Street Driven Ford Of Australia”. Holden/Ford Show. Melbourne.
2002/3, 2005/6 and 2007  “Top Car Of The Show” Blue Ribbon All Ford Day. 
2002 to 2006 inclusive  “Grand Champion Ford” Holden/Ford Show S.A.
2008   “Top Street Machine Overall” Adelaide Motor Show Wayville S.A.
2009   “Top Falcon XYGT Modified” 13th Falcon GT Nationals Adelaide S.A.

During the last 10 years of showing “My Shaker” I have frequented many country venues, where visitors have had an opportunity to experience this unique Australian muscle car. Many people that I have spoken to at these country shows are astonished to learn that I do drive the car to the majority of shows around the state from Adelaide and all of the equipment is in fact carried in the car, least I say very carefully, using cushions and blankets in order to protect the interior and boot compartment.

“My Shaker” is serviced regularly once a year and maintained in excellent condition under secure accommodation.

As an original one owner, I regard myself as being part of an elite group of people throughout Australia, who have owned a Falcon XYGT from new and achieved remarkable success of the highest level at Show ‘n’ Shines around Australia. This in itself is a remarkable achievement and understandably the envy of thousands of people who I have talked too.

I have been a member of the Falcon GT Club of S A for nearly 20 years now and enjoy attending and participating at most meetings and some functions.

Written and authorised by

Ron Tebby (F.GT.C.S.A.)

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