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Club Registration

The Falcon GT Club of SA offers Conditional Historic Vehicle Registration (Club Registration) to it's members as prescribed by the South Australian Government. The Club Rego scheme is administered by volunteers of the club by appointment or at designated club events. Below are links to relevent information and forms to participate in the Club Rego scheme.

                                                     This Code must be read to understand and accept the conditions of use of Club Rego.

                                     This form is required by Service SA to change your vehicle over to Club Rego.

When applying for Club Rego you will need to provide-

-Vehicle registration papers

-Membership Application/Renewal form(if not already a member)

-Appropriate payment /proof of payment(If made by EFT).

FGTCSA Club Rego Fees(in addition to Club Membership fee)

First year of membership $75

Second year and continuous membership $20 per year

Once you have received your completed MR334 form from the club rego officer you must take this and the completed(by yourself)MR1 applicatoin form to Service SA.

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