Sean's XB GT Hardtop

Sean Johnson's XB GT Hardtop has a split personality.

Jan 2005

I have owned my XBGT Coupe Since 1990. During this time it has undergone two restorations (the first being a fairly modified version fitted with a 429ci motor an C6 trans and custom paint and trim), around 1998 I stripped it back down and rebuilt closer to original specs. Factory specs were Paint code U (burnt orange) with walnut glow paint outs and Trim code K (brown). Paint wasn't a problem but I was unable to track down any brown trim so good old black was used as a substitute. Having gotten used to the big block under the hood I decided this would stay and an upgrade from 429ci to 460ci would be in order. The C6 trans was also rebuilt and a 3200rpm stall converter fitted. The standard disc brake L.S.D 9inch was reconditioned and fitted with 3.55:1 gears. The rear end just didn't look quite right with the skinny factory wheels so a set of Centerlines 15x10 rear and 15x8 front were fitted. The most recent modification was a bracket for a baby seat so my daughter Shelby could join me whenever the gt came out of the shed. Over the past five years the car has had plenty of use travelling around the state, cruising through the city, some drag racing and many car shows. On a recent trip to the drags the best time recorded was a 12.35 @ 113.32MPH.

Update 31/7/19

Whilst the Body and trim have remained as the factory intended the engine has now transformed into an SVO Motorsports block based 572ci, rollerised beefed up C6(JRM Transmissions), custom floating axle 3.89 Detroit Locker 9in diff. Best 1/4 mile run to date is 10.47 and 133mph. 

PS: Shelby has outgrown the baby seat and now fits nicely in the drivers seat whilst racking up some hours on her L's. 

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The Falcon GT club of South Australia was established in 1992 by a small group of Falcon GT owners wishing to socialise with others who shared their passion for the Falcon GT. This quickly grew into a larger group of like minded enthusiasts who up till this day and into the future have a common goal, "To perpetuate the history and future preservation of the Falcon GT" whilst "encouraging family and social activities" revolving around the legendary Falcon GT.  

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