Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) & social distancing rules there are no planned club gatherings for the foreseeable future.  Therefore ALL Club Rego Renewals & Logbook stampings will be carried out by post this year, & MUST be completed by 30th June 2020.  ** You will need to provide a stamped self-addressed envelope for the return of your Logbook once it has been processed. Membership Renewals can be made on-line as previously, or sent in by post, but also MUST be completed by 30th June 2020.


Paying by post: -  Please ensure payments by Cheque/Money Order are made out to Falcon GT Club of SA Inc. Fully completed & signed membership forms can be mailed to:   Secretary, Falcon GT Club SA, PO Box 289 Kent Town SA 5071

Paying by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)  

 Direct Deposit to BSB 325185

 Account 03227159

 Falcon GT Club of SA

 Ensure fees are correct  

 Enter your name or member number as description

 Before logging out remember to print your receipt where possible

 Fully completed & signed membership forms can be Emailed to: 
PLEASE NOTE:  only FULLY completed forms will be processed – if your form is lacking any information which is required, your Logbook will be sent back to you unsigned, & you will need to re-submit it with ALL the appropriate information requested. Please remember it is the member’s responsibility to ensure your vehicles are legally registered by the due date. Get in early & get it done!!
If you are not fully financial after 30th June, & your Logbook has not been stamped, your vehicle becomes unregistered & cannot be legally driven on the road.  



Membershiup of the Falcon GT Club of SA is open to ALL Falcon GT enthusiasts.

There are various forms of membership available-
Full Membership

Full Membership shall be available to a person and their spouse/partner who are the owners of a genuine Falcon GT or genuine South African Fairmont GT. On application for full membership, confirm details as required by the Club that show that the vehicle is genuine and must have a genuine ID plate.

Joint Membership

Joint Membership shall be available for the partner of a financial Member, which will entitle them to the same privileges and voting rights as their partner.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership shall be available to all enthusiasts of the Falcon GT. They need not be an owner of a Falcon GT. An Associate Member will not have voting rights.

Full details available in the club constitution

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The Falcon GT club of South Australia was established in 1992 by a small group of Falcon GT owners wishing to socialise with others who shared their passion for the Falcon GT. This quickly grew into a larger group of like minded enthusiasts who up till this day and into the future have a common goal, "To perpetuate the history and future preservation of the Falcon GT" whilst "encouraging family and social activities" revolving around the legendary Falcon GT.  

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WEDDING CARS.   The Falcon GT Club of SA Inc. is unable to provide GT Falcons, or to provide advice on the availability of GT Falcons for use as Wedding Cars.  Transport SA regulations and insurance requirements limit such services to businesses licenced to carry out such activities.


Club Secretary T: 0411 473 354 


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