Dayne's XY GT HO PH3

Dayne is one of the clubs long term country members.

It was a very cold 1am on Sunday morning back in 1994 when 2 mates, Ingles, Rowie and myself set off with car trailer in tow for Melbourne to pick up one of Australia's most desired muscle cars, the 1971 XYGTHO Phase 3. Apart from my wedding and children this event would have to be the most memorable time of my life and to have a couple of good mates on board, well us rev heads know how special that is. With only 300 ever made and only around 120 still existing today of the fastest 4 door production car in the world at its time it was to be a great day. I had been in contact with Frank Portelli prior to this day to locate some prime examples for viewing over the easter long weekend and after thoroughly scruitineering 5 versions I decided on the one shown here in the photo. The car had a complete restoration in 1988 by Frank for one of his mates but had not quite had the interior finished as the owner was sidelined with business commitments and when viewed the vehicle had not been registered for quite a few years with only 77,000 miles on the clock. After a good test drive and agreeing to the purchase, the car headed back to Frank's to finish off the final touches that only Frank and his knowledge can do to these beasts and I headed back to SA with great anticipation of returning to Melbourne real soon. Which puts us back to about 5am and heading through Ballarat. As we closed in on Melbourne the sun was starting to rise and with the excitement beginning to build what better time for a commemorative can of Jim Beam for breakfast. On arriving at Franks the wait was over and to see the finished project I can't praise his work enough. A strong coffee and car loaded we farewelled to my new friend Frank, turned about and carefully headed home. That was one long drive but worth every kilometre of it.  The car is a 10/71 build with paint code of 6 which is vermillion fire,  3.9 diff ratio and close ratio gearbox which I have been told is a drag pack as it was ordered for around Melbourne. It takes a bit of getting used to driving these cars and if not careful when feeding them the torque throws you sharply towards the other lane, my hat goes off to the guys who raced Bathurst in these machines for hours on end. To see heads turn at breakneck speed when passing truly indicates how special and iconic these Aussie muscle cars really are. A special thank you to Frank Portelli at Classic Car Detailing.

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The Falcon GT club of South Australia was established in 1992 by a small group of Falcon GT owners wishing to socialise with others who shared their passion for the Falcon GT. This quickly grew into a larger group of like minded enthusiasts who up till this day and into the future have a common goal, "To perpetuate the history and future preservation of the Falcon GT" whilst "encouraging family and social activities" revolving around the legendary Falcon GT.  

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WEDDING CARS.   The Falcon GT Club of SA Inc. is unable to provide GT Falcons, or to provide advice on the availability of GT Falcons for use as Wedding Cars.  Transport SA regulations and insurance requirements limit such services to businesses licenced to carry out such activities.


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