Gary's Silhouette BA gt

I own a 2003 BA GT which I bought in 2004 with 6,000 kms on the clock. It is Silhouette(black),

4 speed auto, leather interior and premium sound system. It has a few modifications, SS cold air induction with K&N air filter and the rear end lowered by 20 mm. During ownership the GT has served well touring the countryside and interstate holidays, just passing 220,000 kms on the odometer. 

Regards, Gary Paul.

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The Falcon GT club of South Australia was established in 1992 by a small group of Falcon GT owners wishing to socialise with others who shared their passion for the Falcon GT. This quickly grew into a larger group of like minded enthusiasts who up till this day and into the future have a common goal, "To perpetuate the history and future preservation of the Falcon GT" whilst "encouraging family and social activities" revolving around the legendary Falcon GT.  

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WEDDING CARS.   The Falcon GT Club of SA Inc. is unable to provide GT Falcons, or to provide advice on the availability of GT Falcons for use as Wedding Cars.  Transport SA regulations and insurance requirements limit such services to businesses licenced to carry out such activities.


Club Secretary T: 0411 473 354 


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